Sunday Sermons
Oct 2016 - Nov 2019

Genesis - Men's Day 2019
Apr 2019

A series of lessons presented by Steve Turner

Unpolluted - Celebration of Sisterhood 2018
May 2018

Ladies day lessons presented by Beth Hibbard

True Worship
Apr 2018

A seriese of lessons presented by Leslie Williams

Get Smart
Nov 2017

Applying Wisdom from Proverbs to the Stages of Life

Presented by Peter Morphy

Mens Day 2017
Apr 2017

Moving in an Angry World by Mark Dailey

Tactical Errors of Growing Old in the Church
Oct 2016

A series of lessons relevant to the church today.

Presented by Mark R. Dailey

Ladies Day 2016
May 2016

Girl, You Got This!

Presented by Diana Johnson

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